Mini Pig Care Guide


First, you should find a vet that takes care of Miniature pigs. It is recommended that your Mini Pig get an annual checkup.

Mini pigs will need some vaccinations and worming. They will get there first vaccinations at 4 weeks, and will need a booster approximately 2-3 weeks later. We will provide them with there initial vaccination and worming. Afterwards, they will need an annual vaccination. They should be wormed 2 times a year.


Your pig should have fresh water available to them at all times.

There are commercial Mini pig foods available, we recommend the brand Mazuri. It is available at most feed stores. They have a Youth and Active Adult types. We recommend give the Youth food until your pig is about 1 year old. As babies, we feed approximately ¼ cup of food, 2 times a day. As they grow, we will up that to ½ a cup 2 times a day. Probably at around 6-8 months. By the time your pig is full grown, at about 2 years, we give them 1 cup, 2 times a day.

There diet should also be supplemented with Vegetables. Our pigs love celery, though, some of them get picky with certain types of veggies. You will just need to try a few things and see what they like.

You can also give fruits to your pig, but they should only be used as treats for either training or special occasions. The high sugar content of fruits can cause your pig to gain weight rapidly.

Bringing them into your Home

You will want to work out what parts of your home your pig will have access too. Pigs like routine, so when you first get your baby home, away from mommy, there will be an adjustment period. They will probably do better in a smaller area at first, and then as they become more comfortable, they can have access to more areas of your house. It is recommended that they only have full access of your home supervised until they are a little bit older.

Potty training

Mini pigs can be trained to either use the bathroom outside, just like a dog would. Or to use a litter box. If you decide to use a litter box, DO NOT BUY REGULAR KITTY LITTER! You need to use pine shavings. There is a brand called Feline Pine that is available at walmart, but Tractor supply or some feed stores carry pine shavings, which can be used as well. In our experience, pigs are very willing to be potty trained. We have had 7 week old pigs use the kitty litter without any accidents the first day we tried. They are naturally very clean animals.


Mini pigs can be trained to walk on a leash. We have had success using a dog harness collar with the leash. They enjoy getting to go places with you. It will be good to practice with them when they are young so that you have the option to take them places.


Pigs will need to have their hooves trimmed a few times a year. This is something you can learn to do yourself, or you can ask your vet for recommendations on someone to do this for you. Pigs also have a tendency to get dry skin, so you won’t want to bathe them more than necessary. You will want to use a gentle, fragrance free shampoo for them.


This is a behavior in pigs where they dig or explore with there snouts. This is an instinctual activity and you will want to have a little area of dirt or a place outside especially for them to root in. Otherwise, they might find there own place in your house to try to root.