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Alan-RussetteAlan Russette

Ontario, Canada

Blue belt

Hi Keenan,

I’m happy with the DVD set I ordered. There are a lot of little details that have given me a better understanding of some of the techniques, particularly the wrist locks in the submission series. I’m an ultra heavyweight recreational player who occasionally competes, so it’s nice to see some high percentage, tournament-tested techniques.

Thanks again,

Alan Russette

Gary-RayGary Ray

Purple belt

Albany, New York

Thank you for providing such a great DVD series. I am a purple belt and train 4-5 times per week. The techniques I’ve learned from you so far have helped my top (passing) game and bottom (guard) game.

While on top Im passing leg lasso or spider guard with ease, where before I was frustrated.

And while playng off of my back my spider guard has improved dramatically, to the point where I’ve swept higher ranking belts with the concepts you provide.

I still havent studied the submissions portion of the series in depth fully, so there is still more value to be gained.

Happy with my purchase, a great instructional at a excellent price.

Thomas-MartensThomas Martens

Blue belt

Chesapeake, VA

Just got to say that since I bought your dvd set it has vastly improved my game especially my spider guard game. I have been nailing all of sweeps that were taught in the dvds and now I cant wait to try it out in competition and I look forward to see where my game goes from here!

Thanks soo much for putting out such a high quality instructional dvd set!

James-ArtelJames Artel

White belt

Columbia, MD

As a white belt, no one really expects much from your guard. Well I can say there are now some higher belts that don’t want to end up in my guard anymore, especially with my new Ezekiel chokes. Thanks man.

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